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Dance of the Heart

Do we really choose who we fall in love with?

Can we change who we are for love? 

Michael Baldwin has it all.  A great career as a dancer, a long-term relationship with his lover David, and a new house they built on Lake Michigan.

But the sudden death of his dance partner puts Michael's settled life in a tailspin and has him questioning himself when he falls head over heels for his new dance partner, Elizabeth.


Dance of the heart explores the complexities of love, friendship and family, illustrating no matter who we are or who we love, the power of attractions can make anyone a little crazy.

What a wonderful story!   “Dance of the Heart” is an account that proves how complicated love can be when we don’t follow our true feelings.

Irene Watson Elliott, Fascinating Authors


I found DANCE OF THE HEART to be fascinating.  Thumbs up for James Therrian and DANCE OF THE HEART.

Natasha Smith , Romance Junkies


© 2020 Dance of the Heart 

ISBN: 1-4196-2989-1        

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